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Pupsicles Toppers (16pcs)

Pupsicles Toppers (16pcs)

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Beef Liver & Beef Heart

Made from real Beef Liver and Heart, this Meal Topper is an excellent source of valuable nutrients like iron, Vitamins A, B and D whilst also naturally low in


Calorie content (Calculated):6kcal/treat

Chicken Liver & Chicken Gizzards

Made from real Chicken Liver and Gizzards, this Meal Topper is a great source of protein, amino acids and can help support joint health.

Calorie content (Calculated):8kcal/treat

Pork Liver & Pork Heart

Made from real Pork Liver and Heart, this Meal Topper is a great source of protein which helps build and maintin your furbaby's muscle mass. It is also rich in iron, Vitamin A, B and D.

Calorie content (Calculated):8kcal/treat

Carrots & Sweet Potato

Made with real Carrots and Sweet Potato, these treats make an excellent Meal Topper as carrots are a great source or Vitamin A, Potassium and Fiber. Sweet Potato can help promote healthy skin, coat, eyes and muscles in dogs.

Calorie content (Calculated):5kcal/treat

Broccoli & Green Beans

Made from real broccoli and green beans, these Toppers make an excellent addition to your pet's weight loss regimen. Rich in protein and may also help boost your furry pet's energy levels.

Calorie content (Calculated):2kcal/treat

Golden Yoghurt

This SUPER BOOSTER Topper is made with homemade Golden Paste and Yoghurt from goat's milk. Packed with health benefits such as:

Natural detox


Natural antibacterial

Promotes heart and liver health

Promotes digestive health

Offers allergy relief

It helps to prevent cataracts

Best fed when mixed with food. 

Calorie content (Calculated):5kcal/treat

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FAT 2.16%


Feeding Guide

Place on top or mix it in with your furbaby's food for a more enticing meal! You can also feed as a treat to your furry pets! Be sure to always supervise your dog while they are munching, and to have a bowl of fresh water available at all times.

How Many Can I Feed My Furbaby Per Meal?

CATS (All sizes)

Half a Topper


One Topper

SMALL DOGS (5kg - 10kg)

1 Topper


2 Toppers

Each cat / dog is different, feed as you seem appropriate to your pet. Over feeding can lead to an upset stomach.


Our Pupsicles should be stored in the back of the freezer.

Please find the best before date on the left side of the box for shelf life.

Delivery Schedule

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Available for daily pick up and delivery.


Not available on our Shopee store.