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Broccoli & Green Beans Pupsicles Mix

Broccoli & Green Beans Pupsicles Mix

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Each Jar can make up to 60 servings.


Made with real Broccoli and Green Beans, this treat is packed with vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K, fiber and potassium. It is also low in calories which can help maintain your pet's diet.


Goat’s milk is an excellent source of fatty acids, vitamin A, vitamin B6, niacin, calcium, and the antioxidant selenium. This helps increase the immune-boosting properties of goat’s milk for dogs.


Gelatin contains collagen. Collagen is one of the most abundant proteins in your dog's body and it makes up a large part of its bones, skin, hair and nails.

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Feeding Guide

Feed as a treat to your furry pets! You can also mix it in with your furbaby's food for a more enticing meal!

How many can i feed my furbaby per meal?


9g (1 ice cube)

5kg - 15kg

20g (2 ice cubes)


35g (4 ice cubes)


Store in a cool area, away from the sun or store in the refridgerator for a longer shelf life.

Delivery Schedule

Metro Manila

Available for daily pick up and delivery.


Available on our Shopee store.

Mixing Guide

Mix 2 tablespoon of Pupsicles Mix with 1 cup of water. Shake well or mix in a blender for a smoother finish. Pour in ice tray and freeze for at least 5 hours before consuming.