Here at Pupsicles, we try to be very conscious of our packaging. From our Pupsicles wrappers made out of recycled plastic to our boxes made out of recycled kraft paper. We want to be able to limit your waste by bringing our recycling program back!

Whenever you order through in house delivery with us, you can recycle your old Pupsicles Jar or Pupsicles Can. By recycling your Pupsicles Jars / Cans, you will be able to receive Pup Points for future discounts. Simply add your old Pupsicles Jars / Cans to your cart so our rider will know to pick them up from you!

  • Pupsicles Jar (small)

    Recycle your 100g and 200g Pupsicles Jars for 75 Pup Points per jar!

    Recycle Now 
  • Pupsicles Jar (big) / Pupsicles Can

    Recycle your 500g Pupsicles Jars and Pupsicles Can for 100 Pup Points per jar / can!

    Recycle Now